18 Mar 2015


18 Mar 2015

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I have been a Christian all my life…yet I never understood what it meant. I was never bold enough to confess my faith, or courageous enough to ask God to use me. I am 23 years old and feel as if I never knew the One I had been serving since I was 12. This conference awakened me and unveiled my eyes to understand who Jesus is and I can tell you…that I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN. The passion and love burning inside of me has led me to jump into his word. I can’t stop talking about what has happened to me, I can’t stop telling everyone about the amazing awakening I had at this conference….so much so I gave my ticket to my best friend for Week 2 and she accepted God for the first time in her life and now knows there is one who loves her unconditionally (something she had so desperately searched for). This conference has taught me more about God than I had learned all my years in my local church. I can’t believe all that happened in 6 days….I can’t stop crying of happiness because my eyes see him now….now I understand his love….now I understand his grace….and mercy. I never felt God’s presence the way I did at this conference and i want to feel that every day of my life….I yearn to seek him intimately. Thank you New Life for displaying God’s love in the church…I feel so welcomed and loved when I walk in. Thank you for allowing my life to be changed…I will never forget this conference & amazing moment in God’s presence. -Jess – Forever Changed I grew up Catholic; I went to a Catholic school and church for most of my life. I recently started going to New Life since my brother started high school here in the fall of 2013. I heard about the awakening conference at Sunday mass and my brother insisted I went with him. I was skeptical about going atx first. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t think it would be for me. I ended up buying my tickets for the second week. Once I arrived to the awakening conference, I was AMAZED! I was excited!! As soon as the beautiful songs came on and I saw a bunch of other people my age there worshiping Jesus/God with me, I was overcome with happiness; happiness like I never felt before. I cried during every song but they were tears of joy! The presence of Jesus/God was strong! I haven’t stopped talking about it to my friends and family. I am so happy I went and just like one of the pastors said in their message…I was not there by accident…I was meant to be there…God had that in his plan for me. I LOVE AWAKENING CONFERENCE!!! Next year I am requesting all the days out of work for BOTH weeks so that I can make it for the full day starting in the morning!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR AWAKENING CONFERENCE 2015!! -Pam

Never again will I ever offend God by comparing myself to someone. I will run my race as God has called me to do. He has created me with a purpose that only I can fulfill. #makeJesusFamous #liveitout #unique #createdforapurpose -Cindy

My life is a product of Jesus Christ and his Sacrifice. My mother was in an accident that no one would live through. She was in the back seat of a car as she was on the way with a friend of her’s to New York from Miami. The driver fell asleep at the wheel and they got in a horrible accident. She needed to be pulled out with the jaws of life. She was almost presumed dead. She was said to be comatose and they didn’t know when she would wake, but she woke up. They said she would never walk again, but she did. She said that she would never have children….do I have to finish this sentence? The Lord has had a plan for my life even before it was a thought. Life may be difficult and you may sometimes be wondering why your here, what your purpose is…I can’t tell you that. I can’t entirely tell you why it is that I’m here, that my mother survived that accident and then denied everything that those doctors told her all of those years ago. I will say that I will be willing to step in with the Lord and what it is that He needs me to do for him. I know that I’m truly blessed to be able to share in this testimony with you, because I know that if it wasn’t for God sparing my mother, then myself, my brother, we wouldn’t be here. Be thankful that there is life new and abundant in Christ, for everyday is a new day. -Taylor

Not only has Jesus blessed my life with an amazing church, or should I say family, but He has shown me true joy, true forgiveness, and true love. As far as I can or have strayed from Him, He will always bring me ultimate satisfaction and a purpose. That’s it right there; He gives me a purpose. He takes me from a life that seems meaningless, dull, and hopeless, and He shows me that He created me to achieve, to love others, and to show the hope He offers to the world. Jesus is God, and God is Love. I’ve experienced Him, and once you truly experience God, words cannot explain how amazing life becomes. -Yojan

God has been so good to me, I can’t thank Him enough. Although I was brought up a Christian, there was a time that I strayed away. Unfortunately that time was a couple of years. But since Awakening Conference, everything has changed. As I’ve changed my ways to be in agreement with what God wants, He has blessed me and I can honestly say I don’t remember ever being this happy with my life. He has gradually removed the negative people and influences in my life and replaced them with amazing relationships and opportunities within the church. I am truly blessed with the group of friends, basically sisters, I now have, and the ministries I’m now involved in.:) -Joviana

Every once in a while it hits me like a ton of bricks, I love being a christian. I thank Jesus every day for giving me a second chance to live for Him, even though I strayed so far away. He has provided everything I need an astonishing church that is on the move, friends that encourage me to stay steadfast, and a family willing to show me how Jesus will get me through all the problematic and emotional moments. I have never felt more fulfilled in my life then now, I’m using the talents God has given me to make Him famous. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and when life gets strenuous God always reminds me that He has a greater purpose beyond anything I could ever imagine and that if I stay with Him, He will do incredible things through me! -Abigail

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