The Heart Behind Awakening Conference
14 Apr 2016

The Heart Behind Awakening Conference

This year we are making a statement.

14 Apr 2016

This year we are making a statement. We’re not backing down, we’re doubling down: Awakening in the Northeast. We know – it sounds crazy, almost impossible, but faith doesn’t back down, it steps up. It’d be easy to stay in our church & sell out a month early, but we’re going to an arena and believing for God to fill it.

We don’t want easy or the usual – we want revival and the radical. We’re all in. God isn’t done with the churches in the Northeast yet – this is a new era.

Stand with us on June 30 – July 2nd. Bring your youth, leaders, church & let’s make this gathering a historic one. We’re doing this together & John Gray, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Andy Mineo, Chad Veach, Elevation Worship, Levi Lusko, Jabin Chavez, Jude Fouquier, Awakening Worship, Julia Veach are all coming to help bring a massive change. I’m so thankful to everyone who has been a part of Awakening Conference all these years, and I’m asking you to stand with us again for Awakening 2016. Let’s pack the Dunk together. This is more than a moment, it’s a movement. Join the Awakening.

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