A New Era
20 Apr 2016

A New Era

Recently in an article entitled “These are

20 Apr 2016

Recently in an article entitled “These are the Most Godless Cities in America” Time Magazine stated “America, you may have a new Sodom and Gomorrah.The two least “Bible-minded” cities in the United States are the adjacent metros of Providence, R.I., and New Bedford, Mass.” This isn’t news to the New England church, we’ve been labeled the frozen chosen, and the preachers graveyard for decades. We’ve heard that the church in this region is a “sleeping giant”, that its hard ground, and bad soil. I remember one famous preacher saying that the best view he had of Boston was in his rearview mirror. Seeing all this one might draw the conclusion that the New England church has been defeated, that its dry bones have become too scattered, and that its body has breathed its last breath. But those who are listening can hear the voice of the Lord asking “Can these dry bones live again?”

The facts say that the church will never awaken again, but facts are not the same as truth…It’s. not. over. It’s a new era.

Ten years ago our our small youth ministry felt it to be Gods design to create an event for the churches in our region & the Awakening Conference was born. What started with a couple hundred young people has grown into two sold out back-to-back weekends where churches and leaders from all over the nation come to experience revival. This is our goal: Revival. Nothing less. So we’re launching into a new arena- the Dunkin Donuts Center. We’re moving to a new weekend – June 30th – July 2nd. Make no mistake, this is a statement. It would be far easier to stay in our location, sell out a month early, and breeze through a nice event, but our region needs needs more than that, this nation needs more than that. This isn’t merely a concert, it’s a cry, a collective plea for God to bring an awakening. It’s not just a moment, it’s a movement. More than a conference, it’s a cause.

New location, New Dates, Same Mission.

Stand with us.

Pray | This foundation of this conference has always been set in prayer. Pray with us that people meet Jesus for the first time, that callings are accepted, that there is an overwhelming presence of God in the arena, that the place is packed, and that a movement is ignited.

Post | So many would come to this historic event if only they knew about it, and our marketing can only do so much. Would you join us in inviting people using your social media & having a few conversations? All the materials you need are right here.

Participate | Join us for 3 days of powerful worship, incredible speakers, and seeking Gods face. Get your crew organized, take advantage of the discounts, and get registered early. Register here.

Come with mega-expectation,
Jordan Boyce

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